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Show Your Best Home

Show Your Best Home

The timing is perfect for buyers. They’ve received their bonuses. Mortgage rates are low. Despite the flurries and frigid temperatures, the spring home sales market is blossoming. 

If you’re a seller, this means you need to get in gear quickly. There are several ways to whip your home or condo into shape to make the best presentation at showings and open houses. 

Get Rid of Clutter

Now is the time to sell, donate or simply throw away anything you don’t want or need in your home. Or you may want to put some larger extra items in a rented storage space. Do whatever it takes to rid your home of clutter. Make sure you clean out your basement, garage and especially your closets. Buyers want to see plenty of built-in storage. That means you need to show them you have enough closets, drawers and shelves to fit all of their belongings neatly.

Clean Everything and Everywhere

Not only should your living space be neat, it should also be spotless. Windows, sinks, counters, showers, mirrors – pretty much everything should be free of dust, dirt and even smudgy little fingerprints. Either put on your rubber gloves and start scrubbing or hire a professional cleaning service to get the job done. Don’t forget carpet stains and household odors. Consider having the carpeting steam-cleaned or replaced if it’s heavily worn. And you may love your cats, but most buyers don’t want to see their litter boxes. The same goes for dog fur.

Remove Personal Belongings

Buyers need to be able to envision themselves in this now sparkling, clutter-free space. That means they can’t see reminders of you and your family everywhere they look. Take family photos off the walls and bookcases. Keep the kids’ toys organized and out of the way as much as possible. Put away your hard-earned diplomas and school sports memorabilia. You can reward yourself with them again later after your house is sold!

Consider Getting a Home Inspection

Now that your house or condo is starting to look like it’s ready for sale, you should make sure there are no potential underlying problems. A professional home inspection could alert you to any repairs you might need to make. Get the heating and air conditioning units looked at as well.

Stage for Success

Staging is a great way to put the finishing touches on a home and ensure it looks polished and inviting. An experienced Realtor like Jim Miller and JM Partners can help you with ideas for arranging the furniture and décor to maximize space and appeal. If the budget allows, a professional staging company can completely redecorate any room with furniture and accessories. According to the National Association of Realtors, some agents who represent buyers agree staging a home could increase the dollar amount buyers are willing to pay by 5-10 percent. Twenty-eight percent of buyer agents in a January NAR survey say their clients are more likely to overlook property flaws if a home is staged. The median cost of staging a home is nearly $700. If staging is not in the budget, you could do something as simple as displaying fresh flowers in vases for showings.

Show Emotion the Door

One of the hardest aspects of selling your home or condo is taking your emotions out of the process. Negotiations will be a lot easier if you can take a step back emotionally. Try not to look at this place as your home where you created some great memories. This is now simply a house you want to sell for the highest price possible. You may hear some negative feedback from other Realtors and potential buyers along the way. Don’t take it personally. It’s part of the business of selling a home. Stay positive and focused on the end result.

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