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Trends in Chicago New Construction Bathrooms

Trends in Chicago New Construction Bathrooms

Many people would revel in owning a luxurious master bathroom. Having the perfect place to pamper yourself can make you feel like royalty in a fairy tale. Or at the very least, it can make getting ready for work at 5am a little more manageable. Let’s take a look at what bathroom trends are appearing in Chicago’s new construction homes this spring. 

Tile – The tile dilemma has always been whether to use porcelain or natural stone. In the past natural stone always cost more and had a more expensive appearance as well. But natural stone needs to be sealed at least once a year. Without proper maintenance natural stone will naturally crumble. Because porcelain is a fabricated material, it does not need to be sealed. And today there are new porcelain styles and textures available that look like natural stone without the maintenance. With some newer porcelain options, it is actually difficult to tell the difference between porcelain tile and its natural competitor. Builders are now leaning toward maintenance-free porcelain. Each year builders are finding the quality increases with new porcelain designs. As for style, the trend is for the tile to create a spa-like atmosphere with clean lines, neutral colors and a honed finish.

Bathtubs – The old whirlpool jets that blasted you with water as you tried to relax in the tub are down the drain. In new construction homes, hydrotherapy is in. You’ll find bathtubs that indulge you with air massage bubbles. Warm air pushes though the staggered air jets, which creates thousands of bubbles. You adjust the level of massage from gentle to invigorating. Of course most people don’t have time to take a leisurely bath very often. Builders recognize this. They’re choosing tubs that are slightly smaller than in the past, which frees up bathroom space in the floor plan.

Showers – Builders used to throw every new gadget possible into the master shower. The more body sprays, rain cans and water tile squares, the better. Every master shower had to include a steam option. But really how many angles of water can you endure spraying at you at once while taking a shower? Everyone might have a slightly different preference. But no one really needs all of these rainmaking abilities in one shower. Master bathrooms this season will show a more practical, water-wise approach to showering. A main showerhead, hand-held sprayer and rain can is the toned-down package, which may or may not include a steam shower feature.

Toilets – High-end builders are striving for energy and water efficiency in their homes. The latest in toilet technology is the dual-flush toilet that aims to save both water and money. The idea is you use only as much water as you need to flush. Different brands display the dual-flush design in different ways. You might find two buttons or two levers: one for a light flush and one for a complete flush. These dual-flush toilets comply with WaterSense guidelines. This means they use 20 percent less water than a standard toilet while maintaining flushing performance.

Mirrors – Let’s move on to a more attractive subject – mirrors! The fairest ones of all these days are freestanding mirrors coordinated with bathroom lighting fixtures. Ten to 20 years ago, the mirror on the wall was a glued rectangular slab. Master bathrooms today have a more designed look. The mirrors are like works of art hanging above each sink. They act as focal points of the design aesthetic.

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