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Taking the Basement out of Your Lower Level

The word is officially passé: basement. It evokes an image of a dank, dark, unfinished space. And that is anything but the atmosphere today’s homeowners want to live in. The new term: lower level. It evokes images of home theaters, wine cellars, playrooms, home gyms and even spas. The Blackhawks’ recent playoff run ended too […]

New Design Heights: Elevators in Chicago Homes

If you’ve ever tried hauling a storage box from your lower level (formerly known as the basement) to an upstairs bedroom, you just might have thought about it: a home elevator. Single-family homes in Chicago are often four levels, including that lower level. Builders are discovering more new construction and remodeling clients are requesting elevators […]

New, Old, or Needs a Face lift – Which Kind of House is Right For You?

Homes are like people. With age, some develop more character, charm and history. Some need a decent amount of maintenance work. Others become completely dilapidated. Homes that have fallen into disrepair can be easily reconstructed or demolished with new construction built in their place. Then buyers are faced with the question: Do you buy historic, […]

Breathe Easier Making Healthy Choices For Your Home

Many of us are conscious about making lifestyle choices that are friendly to the Earth and our outdoor environment. But when buying a new construction home or renovating an existing one, some of us might not stop to think about making choices that are healthy for our family and indoor environment. If you buy early […]

Boosting the Brain Power of Your Chicago Home

You’re late for work and are running out the door. Finally catching the train, you start to wonder: Did you close the garage door, lock the house, or even set the alarm? In the past there was no way to know unless you called someone to run to your house for you. Now buyers of […]

Use The Nest Thermostat To Drop Utility Costs

October is an incredibly tough month to regulate the temperature in your home. It is not uncommon to have  a 40 degree temperature swing in a matter of day. My clients Silviu and Liann recently installed the Nest Thermostat. They installed it in their Old Town duplex and they love its features – especially the […]

Success Story – My Client’s Trip to My Blogsite

In creating my blogsite/website, it was my goal to create a space that would add value for my clients, friends, co-workers and future clients. I was thrilled when a client told me yesterday that she and her husband had visited the Resource Page on Know Your Chicago Neighborhood. They are in the process of making […]

The Benefits of LED Lighting

I recently saw a piece on NBC5 with Lou Manfredini describing the benefits of LED lighting. It woke me up to the point that I needed to start switching out my bulbs now that the price of the LED bulbs have dropped up to 75%. Your energy cost savings is the real benefit. If you […]

Time to Change Your HVAC Filter?

I go to at least 30-40 home inspections every year and without fail, the HVAC filter at the majority of the inspections is dirty and hasn’t been changed in months. As we roll into the winter months, I thought it would be a good reminder to everyone to create a schedule for changing them out […]