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Heading Inbound

Walking along Southport in Lakeview for a weekend brunch is a familiar summer scene for many young families. You often see parents toting around a few small children and even a dog as they stop for an alfresco bite to eat. Some of those families stay in the city as the kids get older. Many […]

Month’s of Supply – Chicago’s Improving Real Estate Market.

There has been a lot of talk about the improving real estate market in some of Chicago’s neighborhoods. You’ve heard the stories of multiple offers, properties selling in just days and the lack of “nice” properties in the market. The best way to evaluate this trend quantitatively is to look at the “months of supply” […]

Top Chicago Real Estate Sales in 2010

I thought you would find it interesting that there were 3 sales of real estate in Chicago that topped $8,000,000 in 2010. A massive 11,000 sq.foot home at 1866 N. Howe in Lincoln Park closed on August 10th for $8,500,000, its original asking price. (see details here). 2 separate, monster 6400 sq foot monster condos […]