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Smartphone Apps Make DIY Fall Cleanup a Snap

Smartphone Apps Make DIY Fall Cleanup a Snap

It’s time for some DIY fall cleanup around your home or condo. Don’t groan. Just grab your smartphone. Even home improvement has gone high tech. 

Whether you’ve snatched up a new iPhone 6 or you’ve been a Samsung fan all along, you’ll be able to find a home improvement app that fits your needs. Here are a few to get you started.

ColorSnap – You know the routine: You pour over a color wheel from a paint company, which contains literally 50 shades of grey, and you think you’ve found the perfect shade. Then what happens? Even if you paint a section of the wall first, when that paint covers the whole thing, it is bound to look blue, green, or even purple. Where is the grey? Enter ColorSnap. It’s a Sherwin-Williams color-matching app that lets you take a picture of an object in your coveted shade of grey and turn its color into a paint swatch.

The Handyman Calculator – Android users can give their math skills a rest by relying on this handy free app. The app can calculate unit conversions and square footage. All you need to do is type in measurements.

iHandy Carpenter – Ready to hang pictures on the wall but don’t have a level? For $1.99, an iOS app will come to the rescue. iHandy Carpenter uses iPhone sensors to give you access to levels, rulers and protractors.

Snapguide – If you have a home improvement project and not the slightest idea how to tackle it, there’s a good chance you’ll find advice on Snapguide. It’s a free iOS app, but you can also find it at With Snapguide you can peruse DIY guides on a variety of topics including your home. The home section contains instructions, photos and sometimes video from other users who have successfully managed their DIY projects.

HomeSavvy– Get smart about annual and seasonal maintenance. It’s hard to remember when to change the air filters, when to change the drinking water filter, when to test the smoke detectors, and the list goes on and on. With this award-winning app for iOS and Android, you can create a customized home maintenance schedule. Your phone will alert you when it’s time to get the job done. You can find tips on how to DIY or the app will connect you with a pre-screened local professional if necessary.   

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