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Home Court Advantage

Home Court Advantage

If you think full-size basketball courts in a home’s lower level are just for Michael Jordan or the families on “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, think again. Home courts and even home golf simulation areas are becoming increasingly popular right here in Cook County.

Granted, many homes cannot accommodate a full-size court. If you’re willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars, you can install a court that’s between 1-3,000 square feet. These courts are versatile and can be used for riding tricycles, playing dodgeball, volleyball, roller hockey or even tennis. You also don’t have to install the court in your lower level. Some people are turning their garage into a home court.

For parents it’s a relief to know their kids are at home. For kids it’s a great way to have fun and improve sports skills indoors during the cold-weather months. You can bet if your house has the home court, you will be hosting lots of your kids’ friends.

Dads and some Moms, too — Don’t fret if your kids are hogging the basketball court. There is something special you can install just for you: an in-home golf simulation environment. The catch is that you will need your lower level ceiling to be 10 feet high. Most new construction ceilings in the lower level are at nine feet. If you buy a new construction home early enough in the process, you can request that one area of the lower level be raised to accommodate the golf simulation. That’s exactly what some new construction buyers are doing. You will need a minimum of 100 square feet. The price ranges from a few thousand dollars to more than $50,000. But it beats having to fly South in order to golf in the winter.residential-simulation-icon.238.148.s

Companies such as Foresight Sports, which is a PGA partner, are installing these golf simulation areas in Chicago homes. A simple setup allows you to hit balls into a net. But with the help of site surveys and design consultation, you can oversee the building and installation of your dream space for true-to-life virtual golf. A smart camera system creates the scene on a TV screen with full audio and visual effects. You can be virtually transported to famous golf courses all over the world without leaving your basement. After learning from your on-site training, you can improve your golf performance and accuracy by analyzing every shot’s speed and trajectory.  

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