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Heading Inbound

Heading Inbound

Walking along Southport in Lakeview for a weekend brunch is a familiar summer scene for many young families. You often see parents toting around a few small children and even a dog as they stop for an alfresco bite to eat.

Some of those families stay in the city as the kids get older. Many leave for the minivans and backyards of the suburbs.

The migration from Chicago to the suburbs is still a popular trend. But noticeably more and more families and couples are heading inbound. They’re leaving the suburbs behind and moving to the city. 

The reasons are varied. Some people are selling their suburban homes and buying new ones in neighborhoods including Lakeview, Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast because they believe reselling the city property in the future will be easier and faster.  

For those with younger kids, several sought-after neighborhoods in Chicago boast acclaimed schools, both public and private. There are still plenty of opportunities for activities and sports as well.

Some suburban families have children in their teens. The parents have spent years making the long commute to the city for work. When the family moves to the city, suddenly arriving to work on time is a breeze when the ride is half as long. You don’t have to battle traffic in a car or be stuck on a train. You could actually ride your bike. Date nights in the city might happen more often if you’re already there! You don’t have the stress of Saturday night traffic from the suburbs threatening your dinner reservations.

Other suburbanites with college-bound kids look to Chicago for a home and location that fits this transition in the family dynamic. These moms and dads reared their kids in the suburbs and now the children will be out of the house (at least most of the time). That leaves parents a little more time for themselves. Schools and yard space are no longer considerations when moving. Many of these parents simply want a new home with quality finishes that is close to the culture and vibrant life in the city.  

For these empty-nesters as well as older adults, the city presents new dining and entertainment possibilities. Couples are eager to pack up their house in the suburbs and move to a more bustling environment. Some couples prefer to keep their primary residence in the suburbs and purchase a pied-à-terre in the city simply for exciting weekend getaways.

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