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Everyone From Foodies to Fido Inspiring Spring Home Trends

Everyone From Foodies to Fido Inspiring Spring Home Trends

With Valentine’s Day behind us, it’s time to look forward to something else we all love in Chicago: Spring.

The warmer weather means home sales heat up as well. If you’re buying or selling during this busy season, here are some in-demand trends to watch for.

Foodie Kitchen and Baker’s Kitchen – You’ve heard the terms chef’s kitchen and gourmet kitchen. Now you can add foodie kitchen and baker’s kitchen to that list. Even in urban environments, more people are growing fruits and vegetables in their own gardens. They have different cooking needs and are looking for different kinds of appliances capable of high-temperature and induction cooking. A double oven that cooks on both convention and convection settings is now standard. High-end consumers are searching for something more, such as a combi oven, which is a combined convection and steam oven.  A baker’s kitchen includes options like small divots that are used to bring eggs to a determined temperature.

Fifty Shades of Grey…. and Bursts of Color – Grey is the new beige. But as everyone now knows, this color is anything but boring. Design experts also agree white is everywhere, especially in kitchens. Look for bright spring hues to shake things up in pops of coral, aqua, yellow and lilac._MG_9573

Copper – This is the metal designers say is in for 2015. You can add it in small, budget-friendly ways, such as hanging copper pans from a rack.

Smart Home Smarts – Now with so many options for connecting everything from your security system to your HVAC system to your washing machine, in the coming months we’re going to start hearing more about what really works and what doesn’t.

Bring the Outdoors in – Everyone’s heard of the open floor plan. A way to make it new is to add windows. Adding light and increasing air flow helps a home feel more open.

Focus on Outdoor Living – In addition to grills and outdoor furniture, city owners are adding fireplaces and raised patios to their outdoor living spaces. Pets are also getting the luxury treatment with private dog runs and wash stations.

While it’s fun for sellers to update their homes with the latest design trends and gadgets, they also have to be mindful of whether the cost of the updates will actually add increased value to the sale of their home.

Looking for a reason to buy or sell now? The Chicago Association of Realtors says let the current low mortgage rates be your motivation. Rates are expected to start rising by the end of the year. So go ahead and contact Jim Miller and JM Partners. You can reach them at 773.617.6638 or